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Rules Differences:
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– 4×20 (2 mins between quarters, 5 mins between halves)

– Goals: 2 points/woman, 1 point/men (last offensive player)

– GKs on goal line, within 10 yards of goal.

– NO SLIDING ON BALL! EXCEPTION: Keeper can slide hands first on ball. Otherwise: It’s a foul every time, caution for PI. (Indirect – DP)

– No O/S – but camping in or by the PA, with no D back, while that team is on the attack, is ‘Camping’ and treated like O/S.

– 5 minute cool-down on a caution. They must leave the field.

– Subbing allowed at any time, w/out permission of referee, but player being substituted must leave prior to player coming on.

– 7 players per side, 6 field players and 1 keeper. Keeper can be M/F – field players can be max of 3 Men, no limit on women. Minimum to start or continue game is 5.

– PLEASE: Call contact where a male player gains advantage due to size/strength – base it on skill level and size differentials of players involved, but when it’s a M/F contest, call contact that you might allow between two of the same gender. It’s not an even contest when the M player has 100 pounds on the F.

– Kick-off can be touched and moved in any direction.

Indoor Soccer

Hi guys whats up? I know I havent posted anything in a while so that is why I am posting this now. a good topic I thought I should talk about is Indoor Soccer because it is indoor soccer season, this is the first time I have ben on the blog in a while so im kind of happy once that I found out I have 500 visitors. indoor soccer is so much fun because you can use the walls as your support you can get around somebody by kicking it off the walls. indoor soccer is also interesting because there is no offside. you may like playing indoor rather than outdoor or you may rather playing outdoor. in outdoor there is usually more space and it may make you more tired. in indoor the action happens really fast the coach can actually sub you off at ANY TIME in the game. i will be giving out instructions on how to be a referee. that is all have a nice day. (: 🙂


according to the soccer goalie guide

As the soccer goalie you will be the last one who can stop your opponent’s from scoring. You must therefore make few mistakes as possible. You need also to keep yourself cool even when you fail. Your teammates know that saving a penalty kick is a pretty difficult task but they are still hoping that you will make it. If you manage to save the ball against all odds you will be a hero, if not you will be no good.

As a soccer goalie you also need to be in constant contact with the ball during your training in order to develop your agility, reflexes and reactions. You won’t become a successful soccer goalie overnight. Instead you will need to practice hard and always do your best, no matter what!
To maintain your calm in difficult situations you will need a great personality and also ability to infect your teammates with your own confidence. You will learn that and many other things by participating in the following goalkeeper program.

Your job as soccer goalie will not be easy. A single mistake may cost your team the victory. It is therefore crucial to always be on your guard because the opponent’s will do everything they can to get the ball past you.


Knowing how to reinstate the attacks of your team is crucial. Simply, without this ability you will rarely perform well as goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper you must throw and kick the ball with precision. You can’t just kick or throw the ball away and hope for the best. A good goalkeeper should be able to kick and throw the ball with precision at least 40 yards. If you are not able to kick/throw the ball over 40 yards I recommend you to put more emphasize on this during your practice.

As a goalkeeper you should:

• Never throw or kick the ball back into play unless some of your teammates are completely unmarked

• Never try to dribble your opponent, instead, play smart and kick the ball away

• Always try to find a free standing teammate who can receive the ball without pressure.

So, how to throw the ball?

There are several techniques you can use in order to throw the ball properly. You may for example:

• Throw the ball low

• Roll it along the ground

• Throw it like a tennis serve

You should also study how to kick the ball with precision in following article.

As I mentioned before, try always to have a plan behind your throws and kicks. I repeat, do not throw or kick the ball and hope for the best. Instead, analyze the current situations properly and try to find the best possible solution.


All right, enough about throws and kicks; let’s discuss how you should react when you are facing your opponent 1 vs. 1. I know by experience that this type of situations is a nightmare for a goalie. Simply, the opponent is the one that have advantage and you are the underdog.

However, you can still win these situations by following some simple guidelines. Let’s take a look at these:

– Once you leave the goal line there is no turning back. The worst thing you can do is to stand and wait for your opponent. Instead, you should try to attack him as fast as possible and stretch out your whole body to make yourself big. Believe me, if you do this, the chance for winning the duel will increase greatly.

– Keep in mind that you only have one chance to clear the ball away from your opponent’s feet. Once the opponent pass you it will be impossible to stop him from scoring. I know by experience that many opponent’s like to dribble the goalie instead of shooting directly. Try to keep this in mind when facing your opponent 1 vs 1.

-You could also wait for the split second which simply means that your opponent has to first look at the ball before firing a shoot. While your opponent prepares to shoot the ball you should rush toward him and block the shot.



According to we coach kids: Practice Game Guidelines:

  • Have every player touching the ball as much as possible.
  • Use games that keep all kids playing until the end.  Don’t have the weak players get knocked out and 
    watch the stronger players get more touches.
  • Avoid rewarding “winners” and punishing “losers” (push ups, laps, etc).
  • The games must replicate true game skills to be effective.
  • Shorten or ideally eliminate lines.
  • Keep it simple. The games should be easy to explain and to set up.
  • Don’t have too many different games. Find a few games that the kids love and just expand the game 
    as they need more challenges.


According to the complete soccer guide

1.  Prepare for the ball.  

Make sure you are balanced and ready to adjust quickly.  Usually you will be making a run into the box.  Be aware that the ball can be deflected by other players.  If you are ready to move in any direction, you should still be able to volley most deflections.

2.  Put your place foot down and your shooting foot up.

This should happen in a split second, right before the ball reaches you.

3.  Strike the volley

Make sure that you keep the volley low and accurate.  Power is usually unnecessary for a standard volley because you are usually close to the goal.  The main thing is redirecting the ball on target.  

Good volleying requires excellent timing.  Keep practicing and this will come.

Half Volleys

Even experienced players constantly mess up half-volleys, making them seem hard.  In reality, half-volleys are relatively simple once you know the proper techniques.

1.  Plant your place foot. 

2.  Swing your shooting leg back.

3.  Wait for the ball to fall down. 

If you strike the ball while it is falling, you should never hit the ball over the net.  

4.  Volley 

Perform half-volleys like you would a shot (look at the soccer shooting guide), and make sure that you learn over the ball. 

All these tips will prevent your half-volleys from flying over the net.  Practice volleys constantly and you will have a great skill in your arsenal.

Throwing In The Ball

When you are throwing the ball in from the sidline you want to have your
hands behind your head. if you have your hands in front of your head
the ref could call it. so to practice puting your hands behind your head for a throw in
if you have a basketball hoop or your friend is available and you can use his then you
grab a soccer ball with two hands put the ball and your hands behind your back then try
to get it into the hoop.

3rd instructions and quotes

1. according to oracle thinkquest to practing dibbling (Set up a row of obstacles (e.g. plastic bottles, cones, rocks) and move the ball through the obstacles with a series of light taps. Use the inside and outside of your foot. Time yourself and see if you can beat your own speed.



1. “God gives gifts to everyone, … Some can write, some can dance. He gave me the skill to play football and I am making the most of it.”


                         1.“I love to score goals after passing all the defenders as well as the keeper. This is not my speciality, but my habit”

2nd instruction

1.   If you are passing the ball you want to kick the ball with your heel NOT YOUR TOE!!! the reason I say this is because when you kick with your heel instead of your toe you have way more control over the ball.

2.   When you are practicing shooting then you want to lock your ankle you want to have your TOE pointed to the GROUND and you want your HEEL pointed UP.

3.   When you are dribbling the ball across the field you want to be light on your feet. you want to dribble with your toes. imagine that you wake up in the middle of the night and you go down stairs to get a glass of milk. but you don’t want to wake anyone up so your being light on your feet that is sorta what you do when your dribbling with the soccer ball.

First Instructions

1. If you have the ball and dribbling up the field you want to keep the ball close to your body if the ball gets away from you then it can possibly be taken by the opposing team.

2. When you start soccer and you are playing for a school league and you are scoring 3 or more goals a game I would consider to try out for a club soccer team like crusaders or scorpians.

3. If you like to play soccer on a team then practice more on dribbling,passing and shooting if you like freestyle then focus more on doing tricks like the rainbow or bicycle.

4. but you can combine them and do the scissors or the maridona then if you just started and need help you can look at my tutorial to see how to do more tricks