2nd instruction

1.   If you are passing the ball you want to kick the ball with your heel NOT YOUR TOE!!! the reason I say this is because when you kick with your heel instead of your toe you have way more control over the ball.

2.   When you are practicing shooting then you want to lock your ankle you want to have your TOE pointed to the GROUND and you want your HEEL pointed UP.

3.   When you are dribbling the ball across the field you want to be light on your feet. you want to dribble with your toes. imagine that you wake up in the middle of the night and you go down stairs to get a glass of milk. but you don’t want to wake anyone up so your being light on your feet that is sorta what you do when your dribbling with the soccer ball.

7 thoughts on “2nd instruction

  1. Dear Phil,

    I think your blog is very helpful. Now I can learn some worthy tricks instead of the horrendous tricks I know now…..in fact there not even tricks 😆

  2. Oh emm FLIPPIN gee!! Thanks you for helping of the soccer. I play soccer in my country, and now i know how to get milk without waking of the parents!! I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN. please do not make fun of the accent i speak in. Do you play soccer with freinds?
    Whos the worst in your friend soccer?

    • Dear Robbie,
      Your welcome for helping you with the soccer. I play a lot of soccer too I play indoor and outdoor. haha that is funny I don’t usually get milk at night but i just used it as an example. yes I do play soccer with friends all the time at school and sometimes after school and I don’t have any worst or favorite players.
      your friend,

  3. Dear Phil,

    You’ve done a lot so far! Your blog is turning out great.
    I also really like your header of the shoe and the ball.

    • Dear Hannah,
      Ya I found some nice headers on google so I thought I should pick that one Thanks for visiting come again.
      Your Friend,

  4. Dear Phil,

    I didn’t know that you could get headers from Google, but that’s because I’m not very good with computers 🙂 keep up with the good work!
    Your Friend,

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